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Isn't it great to live in the age of high-speed Internet? We can do so many things and find out so much information simply by doing basic searches on sites like Yahoo and Google. One great benefit these sites offer is the ability to find a person for free. Whether it's a long-lost relative or a missing classmate you want to unite with, today search engines are your first stop for finding people who are lost.

It's only a simple matter of typing in a few phrases in reading the results in most cases in order to find that loss person. We'll talk about several tricks here and tips which can make the process easier and quicker. Depending on the persons name and their location, the search could take only a matter of seconds were could require refined searching techniques which we will discuss in this article.

Should the persons name be very unique, perhaps all one needs to do is input that persons exact name in quotes in any of the search engines and the first page of results will contain information helpful in finding the location of that person. By the way, always put quotes around the person's full name when doing the search. The reason for this is that the search engine will then only produce pages that contain that exact phrase. If you do not use quotes around the name then the search engine will produce pages that have the first name and the last name somewhere on the page but not necessarily together. This would not do any good in finding that missing person you are looking for.

If the person's name is not very unique and or if he or she happens to live in a very large city or highly populated state, it can be more problematic in using a search engine to find the person. The problem is that there could be hundreds if not thousands of individuals with that exact name in that general location. If this is the case, you will need to use a detailed search method in order to eliminate many of the unwanted results in the search engine results pages.

The first step for finding people for free is to find the advanced search page that all search engines offer. It usually a blank somewhere on their homepage that says advanced search. There you can specify many other parameters for the search. For example, if you know that person has probably only resided in the city were you believe they live for only three years, you can tell the search engine to only produce results in that time. Otherwise, you will be seeing results of pages that were created Tian and sometimes even 15 years ago. This of course would lead to many unwanted pages that would need to be sifted through.

Another idea to narrow the search results down is to include the persons occupation. For example, if you know your friend or lost relative is a teacher, then there is a good chance that is the career they are working in currently. Simply type their name into the search bar along with the University or other school you feel they may be associated with in that city. Or simply type their name and the word teacher or instructor after their name. This will provide search results for that persons name and also pages that contain the word teacher or instructor. This is an extremely powerful search option which narrows the number of results one has to analyze.

Forget the days of hiring a private investigator to find a person. Nowadays, almost anyone with a high-speed Internet connection can do a quick search online for finding people for free.

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