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Are you a small business owner who is about to hire a new employee? If so, will offer some simple techniques for how you can find information on people before you hire them. Wouldn't it be disastrous to hire a person, train them for several weeks, and then stumble across information online which would cause you to significantly question the person's ability and moral character?

With today's search engine technology which is available to everyone on their home computers via a high-speed Internet connection, you are able to find information about a person before you hire them. Simply doing a search in one of the top search engines for the persons name along with the city in which they live in usually will result in countless pages which reference that exact person.

Although many of the pages are simply directory type pages, such as the white pages and people search sites, you may in fact find plenty of personal information about them such as addresses and links to their social media websites. It's on these sites were you can find information on people and their personal habits. It is amazing at what some people put onto their social media website pages about themselves and their opinions. We've all heard stories of people being fired over what they posted on some of the sites. Your goal, before hiring the new person, is to find information on people before you hire them and spend the time training them.

Additionally, there are paid services online to find people and their info that make it very easy for anyone to do a background check on anyone else. Although with enough digging, you may find all the information you need about a specific person simply by doing free searches using the search engines, you may want to dig deeper into their background by using one of these services. Most of the time the fees range between 20 and $100 to perform a full background check. The results of this type of service will tell you of any criminal activity, problems with her credit, and all court related documents such as divorces and custody issues. This information could be invaluable to you as an employer for understanding as much as possible about the new employee before actually committing to hiring them.

To find information on people using one of these services usually requires that you input credit card information. Before doing so, make sure that you understand how and when you will be billed for these charges. Most of the reputable services will not charge your car unless they are successful at providing you a full and complete background check on the people you are seeking information on.

If one of these online services are not helpful, your other alternatives would be to find a local private investigator to check on the person. This would probably only be used if the new employee was going to take on vital operations in your business and/or you were going to have to commit large amounts of time and expense to their training. In this case when you find information on people for this type of employment an ounce of prevention could be worth a pound of cure no doubt.


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