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With the advance of high-speed Internet search technology it's now extremely easy to find people free. In times past, about the only way to locate a missing person was to hire a private investigator for the task. They had resources available to them for finding missing people that everyday citizens did not.

However, with today's fast Internet speeds and advances in search engine technology, the process for how to find people free is now in the hands of anybody with a computer and Internet connection at home. One simply has to log onto their favorite search engine and begin performing basic searches for finding people.

To start with, simply input the person's first and last name into the search box and hit enter. Chances are, if the persons name is extremely common been there will be hundreds if not thousands of search results that you would have to filter through and analyze. Of course this is a practical to have to go through that many pages of results. If the persons name is quite unique, you may only have to look at several pages of search results to find who you are looking for. But to find people with common names you will have to input more search parameters then only their first and last names.

For example, if you know what city they live in, you can simply input their name along with that city and/or state location. This will greatly reduce the numbers of references for that name that you will have to filter through. Quite often, that is enough of a search filter for most searchers who are trying to find people free.

However, if the city is quite large in the name is still very common, you may need to input additional parameters. For example, if you know the person is a teacher in a specific city, you could input the words teacher or instructor or the names of some schools they may be teaching at such as universities or colleges. This to greatly reduce the numbers.

If after putting in all these different search parameters you still can't find the person you are looking for, it may be time to enlist the services of one of the paid search sites online. Although these specialized people searching sites cost between $50-$200 per search, they are still far less expensive than hiring an individual private investigator for finding people.

Best of all, these paid services online usually do not charge a fee unless they actually are successful for finding the missing person you are looking for. They will require a credit card get started when looking for missing persons but they will not charge the credit card if they are not successful at finding the exact person you are seeking.

Be sure and always check the terms of service and find out exactly the details of what they charge and when they will charge your credit card before enlisting their help. If you are still not successful after using one of these paid services, then unfortunately it may be time to hire that expensive private investigator and give up on the notion of finding people free by using the Internet.


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