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Find a person by phone number

Are you looking for a person and all you have is their telephone number? You may be able to find a person by phone number with a little patience and work.

Here are some general steps used in finding a person via the Internet:

• Gather as much info about the person as you can - such as schools attended, last known residence, their age, etc. To find a person by phone number, you may even have success if you know of a former number they used. Many sites do not update their information more than several times a year, and the old number with its associated information may still be accessible.

• Consider looking for the person in sites such as the school web sites they attended, area web directories where they once lived, or online directories such as MySpace and AOL.

• Probably the easiest way to locate a person is to use one of the inexpensive services which are available on the Internet. They have plenty of experience with finding people. If you need to find a person by phone number, simply go to one of these Internet sites and type their name and number in. Oftentimes their service is FREE. Other times a small fee is required to access the information. Still, they can help if you are still asking, how can I find a person.

If you are unable to find a person by phone number, there are other ways to locate them. If you know their e-mail address, there are sites available with which you can cross-reference their e-mail with a known address or at least a state or regional location. If you perhaps know their state or city location, finding them will be much easier by using those specific search criteria. Whether in free searches or paid searches, the more details you can offer the better chances you have for finding a match.

If you are trying to find a person by phone number, be careful not to get too carried away with paying for it. Many sites offer basic searches which are free. Others may charge $4.95 to $19.95. We do not suggest paying more than that until all the free avenues are explored.

Make the Internet work for you to locate a long lost friend, old flame, distant relative, or the roommate who left a large phone bill behind. Whether trying to find a person by phone number, their e-mail, or their general area, it is now easier than ever with the Internet!
If the person you are looking for went to, or is going to a college, try that campus directory. They may still have connections there. If you know the company the person may work for, try various forms of that company’s email address in email search sites which cross reference emails with addresses(example:,,

If you can’t find a person by phone number, try searching the directories of ISP’s like AOL. You may find them there. Also, try searching there for their email address using the suggestions above.
There are many alumni/classmate/reunion search sites on the web designed especially for locating those long lost souls. Many offer free services with only small charges for advanced searches. NOTE: Sites offering to find long lost classmates are great for finding anyone! If you are looking for a great uncle, try the ClassMate sites. (Everyone was a classmate of someone!)

If the person has a professional type career, you may be able to locate them via state licensing boards. Even if you can’t find a person by phone number, these type of state and local sites are free for the using and may often have links to some of their members.
Before the Internet, only private detectives and law enforcement had access to the kind of information many online sites now offer to the general public for only small fees.

From the comfort and privacy of your home, you now can find information about neighbors, job applicants, long lost family members, potential dates or just about anyone living in the U.S., Canada, or the United Kingdom.

With the help of many of these online sites, you may find a person by phone number, name and city, name and employer, name and job type, name and email address. And best of all, it is completely legal. One has no fear of committing any illegal activity when employing these sites for people searches.

Good Luck!

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