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General Information On Finding People

A major problem that arises when trying to find a person for free is locating that hard to find source or witness. Generally, they are not hiding and will be willing and eager to cooperate whether at home or at their place of employment. Finding a person for free can become more difficult if the only information you have is an outdated address or telephone number or simply a general knowledge of the last known area of residence.

Our Mobile Society Makes Finding People More Difficult

The difficulty in trying to find a person for free partially stems from an increased rate of the American work force mobilizing. Recent university surveys have discovered that a high percentage of people nationwide have lived at their present address less than two years. Which makes it easy to see how finding a person for free could be challenging.

The growing desire for privacy is another trend that affects trying to find a person for free. One-fifth of Americans have an unlisted telephone number and the nationwide percentage is increasing significantly. The omission of addresses in phone directories and the use of an alias or fictitious cover name contribute to the difficulty in finding a person for free.

The Internet Makes Finding Someone Easier

Today’s computerized society makes such efforts relatively ineffectual. Finding a person for free is much easier for professional finders with access to giant databases. This access is provided by information brokers. The information used in finding people for free is compiled by credit reporting agencies, mailing list vendors, and state and local governments. These agencies track American households on many levels. Time honored tools are used far more effectively in finding a person for free in an electronic format.

Often the information fed into the databases is out of date or inaccurate. Sometimes people build a parallel database trail under a different name and address or drop out of the net temporarily. Motives for such actions run the gamut, consequently affecting the task of finding a person for free.

Use People's Predictability To Find Them

Finding a person for free can prove difficult if the person you’re trying to locate does not want to be found. They use a predictable variety of tactics such as putting their phone and utilities in someone else’s name or using a false social security number. However, such people are usually inconsistent. Finding a person for free simply means a systematic search for a weak spot in the various record systems.

Finding a person for free is more difficult when the person knows how to hide their identity and location systematically and is disciplined enough to stick with it. Some go to extraordinary measures to obtain a false identity of someone who was born about the same time but who died in childhood, also known as “paper tripping”. Such people elude the FBI more often than not, so finding these people for free on your own probably will not happen. But the techniques outlined on this site can aide in finding most non-paper trippers.

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