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Many people ask themselves how can I find a person for free. There are many resources available online allow you to do this. There are countless Internet sites devoted specifically for finding missing people which you can subscribe to it no cost oftentimes. Additionally there are search engines available such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft's search engine which are highly reliable and very accurate nowadays when using them to locate missing people. These are the first options someone should use when they wish to find out how can I find a missing person.

The search engines offer an extremely reliable technology today which is far better than years past. We use the advanced technology searches in the various search engines you can narrow down your searches to specific and exact phrase names locations and even the telephone numbers for last known to that missing person. You'll be amazed at the results. Although for generic names such as John Smith you may be surprised at the countless numbers of search results which will be produced. There can be hundreds, thousands and even sometimes hundreds of thousands of results if you don't do your searches correctly. Of course there is no way you yourself can filter through even hundreds of results successfully. You need to narrow your search down by performing advanced searches with the search engines.

These advanced searches can be found by clicking on the link on most of the homepages. This link will take you to a new screen with new fields that you can fill in and thus perform a more exact search. For example, if you're searching for John Smith and you do not use advanced search parameters, you may end up with hundreds of thousands of pages that have the word John and also the wordsmith somewhere on the page. This of course does you no good when you are searching for a person's name who is exactly John Smith.

What you need to do to find people for free is perform an exact search where only the exact phrase John Smith shows in the search results. This is often done simply by placing" he for and after the exact name that you wish to retrieve. Even if you are doing an advanced search using the persons name and perhaps their last known city of residence, still you need to place location marks before and after the persons name so only that exact name shows in the results along with that city.

If using the free technology available online is not fruitful in your searches for the missing person you may still be asking yourself how can I find a person or free online. Your next step will cost a little bit of money but is rather inexpensive considering the alternatives of using a private investigator. There are numerous services online that will charge a small fee for helping you locate a missing person. These fees range from $10-$15 to over $100. They are highly accurate and in most cases they will not charge your credit card unless a successful search is performed. In other words, if they're unable to help you find a missing person you are looking for, they will not charge your credit card. However to find a person for free these are not the places to use. They do cost money but compared to the hundreds of dollars that are private investigator but caused even these paid services are far less expensive nowadays.

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