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Do you find yourself thinking constantly of your high school sweetheart but have lost contact with her? Many men today find themselves in this situation and wishing and wondering what their old flame is doing and where they are. It's never been easier for individuals to easily find people nowadays with simple online searches.

One of the easiest ways begin the process is simply by using one of the major search engines and inputting the persons name between quotes into a search. If their name is extremely unique, you may in fact find that person within seconds right there on the first page of search results. However, if their name is very common, there could be literally hundreds or thousands or even tens of thousands of search results pages if you do not narrow the process down by adding parameters to the search and thus making the process of how to find a person much easier.

What I mean by parameters is by eliminating extraneous results by inserting and requesting more specific information from the sites like Yahoo and Google. For example, if the person you are looking for is believed to be in a large city, you can begin by typing the persons name and the city in the search field. This will drastically reduce the number of results, but if the city is large there could still potentially be hundreds and hundreds of names which are the same in that city. You'll need to narrow your search down further.

If you recall what the person may have wanted to be in life, then it could be only a simple matter of inputting their name and that occupation into a search. For example, if a always wanted to be a teacher, you could try adding the word teacher or instructor along with their name and city you believe they may be and try that search. The idea is to keep adding things which will narrow the field down further and further and thus eliminating have any go through pages upon pages of results when trying to find a missing person..

Also, how to find a person is made much easier due to the advanced search feature in search engines allows you to set a time period and only display pages that have been created in that time span. For example, if you know the person moved away only three years ago, there is no reason to sift through pages that were created five, ten, and even 15 years ago. You can instruct the engine to only supply pages that were created in the past three years. This should drastically reduce the number of results which need to be sifted through in order to find a person.

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